Family Bonding is Important

Family Bonding is one of the most important concepts of today’s world. Long ago, we did not even discuss this topic because there was always one parent at home taking care of the kids, making them breakfast. Parents also used to drop their kids to school and come to pick them up on time and while kids came home, lunch used to be ready for serving. Times have changed and today we put up the kids to go to school in a public transport with other kids.

Lunch is prepared along with the breakfast in the morning which kids will heat and eat on their own because both parents are working. Mother may come home by evening and father may come home late at night after the kids are already asleep. Many homes see situations where parents are hardly spending time with their kids. The kids also realize that parents are working and they stop bothering their parents because they think their parents might already have enough on their plate. This makes the kids become more open to their friends rather than their family members.

Bonding with your family is an important part so that your kids don’t feel deprived of the parental love and care. You don’t want your kids to grow up thinking that you parents were never there for them. When everything is going great, there is no problem but once when there is a problem they will feel that they needed you and you were never there and if they grow up thinking that then they will always be distant and you don’t want that.

It is very important to talk to your kids on a regular basis, have one meal a day together on the dining table talking to them. Try to connect with the family members and have some quality fun time with them. There are two holidays in a week, Saturday and Sunday. Let Saturday be the day when everyone does whatever they want to do, meet friends, go some place out for a movie or dinner. Keep Sunday as a family day where everyone in the family spends their time together doing some fun activity or even just talking.

If you keep one day a week for the family then everyone in the family will realize the important of being connected and that is the main goal here. Sharing and Caring is very important in a family for it to survive and thrive.

Things To Do With Your Family

Movie – You can watch a movie together in your Television or you can even book tickets to the nearest cinema hall and enjoy there.

Sports – Another way for family bonding is to play some sports activity together. You can play Cricket or Badminton or any other game that you like. Your kids can also call their neighborhood friends to make it more fun.

Board Games – It is really the simplest way to spend a fun time with your family. Playing Cards or any board game, like Monopoly can be an interesting thing to do with your kids. Play a game that everyone enjoys to make the most out of it.

Video Games – Most kids love video games and so you cannot go wrong with this. Put the DVD of your kid’s favorite game and start your X-Box or PS and enjoy. Your kids will love you if you play video games with them.

Read a Book – Sometimes you can just read an interesting book to your family members. It works great if your kids are small, all you have to do is to read in an interesting and a fun way to keep that excitement. Check this photo below and see how happy this family looks like:

Lastly we would like you to check out this Video from Marianne Williamson, an Author on the importance of Family Bonding: