Family Bonding With A Game

Has anyone tried bonding with a family over a game? Yes you heard it right, a game. Most families have probably never given it a thought that the best way to bond with a family member is to play a game with them. You don’t necessarily have to play a real world game, you can also play an online game in multiplayer mode and it will be fun. More than a decade ago, I used to play online MMORPG game with my girlfriend and we had a lot of fun even though she never enjoyed games, she played with me or say for me.

We know of a family that survives on an online based game called 8 ball pool. This family of four loves to play a game of pool online almost every day at night before going to bed. The father goes to work and comes around before dinner. Wife also goes to work and comes by evening as her office is near to her home. Two kids are going to school and come by afternoon and have their own set of keys to come inside the house. Now after dinner they have a tradition to play a game together till they fall asleep. The reason they play 8 ball pool is because this game is fun to play and it can be played on multiplayer mode. When four people play, they play 2 games of 2 vs 2. The winners and losers of the first round play against one another. That way all four people play against each other and they also have a winner and a loser. Sometimes they also go out for a scoop of ice cream after their game and the winner gets to choose the flavour, and that way they bond together happily.

We recently had a chance to speak with the the father and mother and they told us a lot about how this game has done a lot for their family. They explained us the whole concept we just told you but what else they told us is about the game. The game in itself was not as much fun but they made it more fun by using some scripts. Well we could not understand it fully as we are non game geeks but they actually meant they are using some kind of tricks to hack 8 ball pool game and that has helped them get like unlimited amount of coins in game and they used it to purchase various things inside of the game. Apparently that made their game more fun and interesting. It was a harmless trick that they employed and had not paid any money for it. If you are interested in this game and wish to speak with them then please comment below and they will read and reply to it if they wish.

For the rest of the folks, we wish to say, family bonding is not difficult at all, you just have to give some time to your family. Find out what interests each family member, find a middle ground and then do it. There has to be something that all the members of the family will be interested in. For example I know of a family that loves to go on a vacation and one family loves to go and eat outside.